Tax Credit Scholarship Donation Match Ends Nov. 13th!

As mentioned previously, an anonymous donor is willing to triple any donations from new donors or double current donors’ contributions to the Tax Credit Scholarship program through November 13! It is an amazing opportunity for our school and the 16 students who remain on St. John’s scholarship wait list. (Through generous donors to our school through Empower Illinois about $30,000 has been donated for this year already, funding 10 scholarships to students who attend our school.) To put it simply, a cumulative total of $5,000 in donations from new donors to the program, would yield $15, 000 and fund scholarships for the next 3 students on our waitlist. Similarly, a total of  5,000 from current donors would  add $10,000 to our fund.  Think of the possibilities! Besides helping students and families at our school, you receive 75% of your donation as a tax credit towards your Illinois State taxes. I can tell you that for the past two years, it has been nice to receive a check from the state after I submitted my taxes. The greater reward is that I along with other donors have helped students at our school benefit from a St. John’s education. For more information about this fantastic matching gift incentive, see the attached flyer. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity! Interested in making a donation? I have attached step by step directions.

Additionally, there will be a Zoom meeting for new donors this Wednesday at 7:00 PM.  Please join Fr. Jeff Putthoff from the Diocese of Joliet and me on Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

St. John Baptist New Donor ZoomWhenWed Oct 21, 2020 7pm – 7:30pm Central Time – ChicagoJoining infoJoin Zoom Meeting (ID: 3477888463)   Joining instructionsWho• – organizer•
Father Jeff Putthoff, SJ
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