Mrs. Beverly Cronin

Get to know our Preschool Teacher Mrs. Beverly Cronin.

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Pre-K Courses


The children actively participate in a wide variety of interest centers and activities which are developmentally, age-appropriate. The experiences are designed to meet the physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive needs of the young children.

  • Each child will be able to separate successfully from his/her primary caregiver so that he/she can concentrate on learning and develop trust.
  • Each child will learn to follow Jesus’ example by using kind words, sharing and helping one another.
  • Each child will be able to handle his/her own social conflicts and negotiate a satisfactory compromise with his/her own peers.
  • Each child will be able to vocalize his/her own needs in a way that is understood and respected by the other children and teacher(s) in the classroom environment.
  • Each child will become more independent and self-reliant as he/she develops skills and confidence, thus developing self-esteem.
  • Each child will engage in cooperative group play.
  • The children will develop auditory skills as they learn to listen to verbal instructions.
  • The children will be able to participate in group situations and make contributions.
  • The children will learn to finish projects/activities while following all necessary steps.
  • The children will follow directions through the proper use of classroom materials.
  • The children will develop an appreciation for God’s world through various science and social studies activities.
  • The children will build a strong foundation for reading through various pre-reading activities.
  1. Students will develop logical thought through story sequencing activities.
  2. Students will strengthen their vocabulary and comprehension skills through read-aloud sessions and through our new pre-reading program HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
  3. Students will develop an appreciation for literature through read-aloud sessions and in-home reading programs.
  4. Students will realize that letters are symbols with meaning through exposure to the alphabet in a print-rich classroom environment. He/she will also be introduced to upper and lower case letters and their phonetic pronunciations.
  5. Students will recognize written text has meaning through creating student and class books.


  • Each child will develop skills that will provide him/her with a good foundation for mathematics.


    1. By recognizing numbers 1-20, and that numbers represent value
    2. Through developing one to one correspondence
    3. Through categorizing and graphing activities
    4. By discerning patterns and shapes
    5. Learning mathematical terms (Greater than, less than, etc…)
    6. Learning sequencing by traits (Smallest to largest, etc…)
    7. Through practice with ordinal sequencing
    8. Through recognizing quantitative differences as well as positional/directional concepts
  • The students will acquire an awareness of God as the creator of the world around them.
  • The student will acquire an awareness of God as their creator.
  • The children will engage in daily prayer as a way of communicating with God.
  • The children will engage in active play using gross motor skills
  • The children will engage in active play using fine motor skills.
  • The children will investigate the elements of dance, drama, music, and visual arts.