September 6, 2018


September 6, 2018

Dear Families,

Thank you for your attendance at Curriculum Night! The link between parental engagement and student achievement is undeniable.   However, we know that parents can’t alone satisfy their children’s every need.   Likewise, SJB can’t make sure our students are prepared to be successful for the world of the future alone. Instead, it requires a partnership – parents, school, parish, and the community working together to prepare our children for the world that awaits them.

Don’t forget that Good Old Days officially begins today with the Knights’ Scholarship Dinner. As a reminder, the parade is on Sunday at 1:00 PM and should be over between 1:45 and 2:00 PM.  It is certainly not too late to be in the parade. If you and your children are interested in marching with our school, please email so we have an idea who to expect.  It is certainly not necessary to email in order to participate.  Families are of course welcome to join in on the fun.  Here is the updated information for all of our SJB parade participants.  Please meet in the school parking lot between 12:00 and 12:15 PM. We will walk to our staging area at Forrest and Washington at 12:25 so that we are ready for the parade.  If you can’t be at the school parking lot by 12:25, please feel free to join us at our staging area near Forrest and Washington streets by 12:45 PM. Bags of candy will be provided for students to hand out.  SJB is entry # 6 in the parade this year which is right after the grand marshals of the parade!  Please know that road closures will take place and that Sunnyside will be one way, westbound during staging and the parade.  Attire should be SJB spirit wear, school colors, the gym uniform, or volleyball uniform if marching in the parade.  Thank you to our 8th graders who have volunteered to work at the Kid Zone. I am so proud of their leadership and service to the community!  A Dress down pass will be given to our eighth graders volunteers and all parade participants. J

Safe to Learn: School Safety Drill Act – The School Safety Drill Act establishes minimum requirements and standards for schools to follow when conducting safety drills and reviewing school emergency and crisis response plans. The Act also encourages schools and first responders to work together for the safety of the children. St. John the Baptist School’s safety plans have been developed in collaboration with local fire and law enforcement officials, and all plans are reviewed and modified (as needed) on an annual basis.   We will be having our first fire drill next week as well as our bus evacuation drill. One of the most important activities we can do at school is to share with our students our plans so that they know what to do should there be an emergency.   I will update you about other drills in the coming months.

Our Iowa testing will begin the week of September 17th for grades first-eighth. Across the diocese, students will take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, as well as the Cognitive Abilities Tests. The results from the tests will enable us to determine what information our students have retained from last year and drive teaching and learning.

You can be a big help during this time by having your children attend school regularly and being punctual, by seeing that they have the proper rest each night, and by helping to reduce test stress and anxiety.   (It is our hope that they don’t find the testing to be stressful.) Please be sure your child has an ample, healthy breakfast during this time as well.   Together, let’s encourage our children to do their best and believe in themselves.

I continue to rejoice daily in the joys of working with your children and celebrating their many gifts. As I said at Curriculum Night, we are one body with many parts. I so look forward to continue to partner with you in the education and faith formation of your children. I hope to see many of you this weekend at Good Old Days, or perhaps at a volleyball game.

Wishing you peace and blessings on this rainy day and in the coming week,

Joanne Policht

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